Zagaria & Associati, an esteemed accounting firm situated in Milan, entrusted me with the task of crafting their entire brand identity, spanning from the inception of the logo to the meticulous customization of their offices. The overarching goal was to emanate professionalism while strategically setting them apart from their competitors.
The key to this differentiation primarily resided in the astute choice of colours: purple and orange. Purple, historically revered as a symbol of royalty and nobility, held immense significance due to its rarity and cost in antiquity. This regal hue not only imbued the brand with a sense of prestige but also established a unique visual identity.
Complementing the regality of purple, the inclusion of the colour orange played a pivotal role. Orange, often associated with energy and enthusiasm, harmoniously reflected the vibrant personality of our client. The incorporation of these distinct colours not only set Zagaria & Associati apart but also conveyed a rich narrative of historical significance and contemporary energy, encapsulating the essence of the firm in a visually compelling manner. 

Category Brand Identity
Client Zaharia & Associati
Date 2022

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