This section presents a curated collection of my posters, featuring some in Italian and others created during my university years in English. A consistent theme in my work revolves around the timeless use of black and white colours, paying homage to my early inspiration drawn from Swiss design principles. The Swiss style, known for its minimalist and elegant approach to graphic design, champions clean typography, simple geometric shapes, and a restrained colour palette of black, white and shades of grey.
Adopting a grid-based layout, this design philosophy imparts a sense of order and structure while upholding simplicity. Renowned for its effectiveness in conveying clear and concise messages, the Swiss-style black and white design is versatile, finding application in various projects such as logos, posters, and websites. Timeless and enduring, it remains a steadfast and enduring choice for designers, proving its resilience over time.

Category Posters 
Date 2018/2021

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